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5K Training: Week 2 (17.20 miles)

I finally got over my cold in the beginning of the week and was able to complete all of my runs scheduled for week 2. It feels so good to be able to run and train again! Running is such a huge part of my life and who I am. After three major injuries and only being able to run sporadically the last 2+ years, I’m not taking any miles for granted.

Sunday (1-8-17)

  • I still was not feeling very good, but I managed 3 miles on the treadmill after a fairly long nap.

Monday (1-9-17)

  • 3 mile run
  • 3 miles on the elliptical
  • strength training (squats and planks)

Tuesday (1-10-17)

  • warmed up by running 1 mile on the green
  • 8×200 m with 200 m recovery jog in between
  • cooled down with 1 mile on the green
  • ran  a total of 4 miles
  • strength training (modified push-ups)
had the track to myself

Wednesday (1-11-17) 

  • cycled 17.12 miles indoors
  • strength training (bench press and 15 pound dumbbells)

Thursday (1-12-17) 

  • 3.1 mile tempo run
  • cycled 7.32 miles indoors
  • strength training (abs, jump squats, etc.)

Friday (1-13-17) 

  • stair climbing: 170 floors
  • walked 3 miles on the treadmill (Got to get those steps in!)

Saturday (1-14-17) 

  • 4 mile run
  • walked 2 miles on the treadmill
  • strength training (15 pound dumbbells and planks)
watch was a little off (typical)

Total running miles: 17.20

All miles: 65.23

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