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5K Training: Week 3 (20.52)

I had a really good training week. My runs felt strong and my cycling mph were faster than usual. I find that I actually cycle better after running; probably because my muscles are already warmed up and my heart rate is already elevated.

My run on Saturday was particularly amazing! It was the best run I have had in over two years. I had started to forget how much I love running through and exploring new areas on the run. It’s always fun to run through neighborhoods, businesses, etc.

My squat session on Thursday was great, too. Squatted my max of 135. Like a boss!

Sunday (1-15-16)

  • 5 mile run
  • cycled 4.55 miles

Monday (1-16-17)

  • 3 mile run
  • cycled 9 miles
  • strength training (dumbbells, bench press, jump squats, abs, etc.)

Tuesday (1-17-17)

  • 6×400 m with 400 m in between each interval
  • ran 4.5 miles total

Wednesday (1-18-17)

  • cycled 17 miles

Thursday (1-19-17) 

  • 3.6 mile tempo run
  • cycled 6 miles
  • strength training (squats)

Friday (1-20-17)

  • walked 8 miles total

Saturday (1-21-17)

  • 4.35 mile run
  • 3.53 mile walk


Total running miles: 20.52

All miles: 86.85

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