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5K Training: Week 5 (22.13)

Sunday (1-29-17)

  • 5 mile run
  • 2 mile walk

After I finished running, I walked a couple of miles for a cool down. While I was walking I passed by an apartment complex and there was a cute, fluffy cat in a window. As soon as the cat spotted me he/she started pouncing around at me in the window seal and his/her eye’s got all dilated and excited. Of course I had to stop and jump around and play with the cat for a few seconds. 🙂

Monday (1-30-17)

  • 3 mile run
  • cycled 8.24 miles
  • strength training (abs, planks, dumbbells, etc.)

Tuesday (1-31-17)

  • 7×400 m with 400 m recovery in between
  • 5 miles total


I decided to start rotating between two pairs of running shoes that way they will last longer and give my shoes time to recover between runs (yes they need recovery time, too). I count running and walking miles on my shoes and have been taking them to 500 miles per pair before they retire from running. Pictured here are my new Brooks Ghost 9. I liked the structural changes that Brooks made from the 8th generation to the 9th generation. My only pet peeve is that the webbing across the tongue had little holes in it that make is annoying to poke my shoe lace ends in. I do not like it when my shoe laces flop around, so I always tuck them in.

Wednesday (2-1-17)

  • cycled 17.11 miles
  • strength training (bench press and dumbbells)

Thursday (2-2-17)

  • 4 mile run


Friday (2-3-17)

  • 1 hour hot yoga class

Saturday (1-4-17)

  • 5 mile run
  • cycled 3 miles
  • strength training (squats)

I have had a heck of a time getting a squat rack now that Uni is open again. I have been trying to get one all week and there has always been a line several people deep. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I was determined to get one on Saturday; I went to the rec earlier and ran, then I lucked out and got the last empty squat rack without having to wait. Score!

Total running miles: 22.13

All miles: 74.98

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