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5K Training: Week 6 (22.71)

Sunday (2-5-17)

  • 6 mile trail run
  • 3 mile walk photo-feb-05-11-26-10-am

Monday (2-6-17)

  • 3 mile run
  • stair climbing (0.44 miles; 102 floors)
  • strength training (abs, jump squats, planks, etc.)

It was super humid outside and even though I ran on the treadmill I was still completely soaked. It was like running in Florida! 

Tuesday (2-7-17)

  • 10×200 m with 200 m recovery
  • 4.52 miles total
  • 30 minutes of recovery yoga

I really was not feeling this run. I actually walked to the track, set down my bag, and thought, maybe I’ll just run in the evening and do a regular run or shorten this workout. My legs were tired and it was super windy…. But I decided to run anyway and told myself that I could shorten it if I needed to. Of course once I got started the intervals flew by and I ended up doing the full workout. I positioned myself so that I ran my intervals with the wind and the recovery 200 m against the wind. In the end I was glad I ran and completed the workout. 🙂


Wednesday (2-8-17)

  • cycled 14 miles
  • strength training (bench press and dumbbells)
  • 20 minutes of core yoga

Thursday (2-9-17)

  • 4 mile run
  • strength training (push ups, legs, abs, etc.)


I had negative splits on this run and ended with a 9:16 mile. I thought about doing 5 miles, but I did not want to do too much too soon. So four miles it was.

Friday (2-10-17)

  • 45 minutes of yoga
  • walked 6 miles

Saturday (2-11-17) 

  • 5 mile run
  • strength training (squats)

This was a tough workout. I pushed it hard on the treadmill and hit 86% for my average heart rate and 94% for my max heart rate. I was dripping by the time I finished and claimed the last empty squat rack. After 16 minutes of squats I was still dripping. Whew!

Total running miles: 22.71

All miles: 66.81


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