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5K Training: Week 7 (28.23)

Sunday (2-12-17)

  • 7 mile trail run
  • 1 mile walk
  • 30 minutes recovery yoga


My legs were already pretty tired from squats and a hard run the day before. It was nice to shake them out on the trail and the yoga helped loosen up my tight hips and sore quads.

Monday (2-13-17)

  • 3 mile run
  • strength training (dumbbells, abs, legs, etc.)

I took Monday fairly easy. My legs were tired, I was tired, and I had a lot of other things to do. So I XO-ed cycling since I knew I was going to have to flip-flop my track workout with my usual long cycling day….

Tuesday (2-14-17)

  • cycled 17 miles
  • plus a bunch of walking

It was rainy, cold, and windy all day. Instead of running my track workout, I cycled indoors. I wore my hiking boots (because they are waterproof) on my commute and I had forgotten that I had been slowly wearing a hole into my right heel. Well I ended up rubbing my heal completely raw and bloodying up my (thick) sock. 😦

Wednesday (2-15-17)

  • 8×400 m with 400 m in between
  • total miles ran: 6
  • 20 minutes core yoga


This was a really good workout! I felt good and hit some consistent times for my intervals. I’m starting to get closer to my pre-surgery times. Oh happy day!

Thursday (2-16-17)

  • 5 mile tempo run
  • strength training (bench press and dumbbells)

Unfortunately I forgot to bandage my raw heel when I was walking around and ended up with more blood all over my sock and shoe. Blasted!

Friday (2-17-17)

  • 45 minutes of yoga
  • walked 4.31 miles

When I was walking around, I saw the cutest puppy. It was so tiny and fluffy! Of course I had to stop and pet it. 🙂

Saturday (2-18-17)

  • 7 mile run


I ran my longer run on Saturday instead of Sunday because the weather was nicer and since my last run was on the treadmill I felt comfortable running outside. It was a good run! I passed by some little kids sitting outside with their grandma and when I ran by they all cheered me on. It was cute!

Total running miles: 28.23

All miles: 68.66

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