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5K Training: Week 8 (17.90)

I’m finally getting around to posting this, so here we go. This was the last week of 5K training so it was a taper week and I raced on Saturday (2-25-17).

Sunday (2-19-17)

  • 6 mile run
  • strength training (squats)
  • 1 hour of yoga

I got a couple advanced vinyasa flow yoga DVDs from Amazon and I have been enjoying them. I am a fan of vinyasa flow yoga and I liked that these advanced DVDs incorporate more challenging poses, like different inversions. I’ve been working on head stand for a couple of years now and I’ve found that the classes in my area have been more newbie friendly; which is totally cool, but I want to work on inversions and more difficult poses-so DVDs it was.

Monday (2-20-17)

  • 2 mile run
  • 1 hour cycle class ~14 miles

I had a great cycle class! It’s been several years since I have been to one and I really enjoyed the class. Planning on this becoming a regular thing-it’s more enjoyable than just biking indoors on a stationary bike that I cannot stand up out of the saddle in.

Tuesday (2-21-17)

  • 6×200 m with 200 m in between
  • ran 3.5 miles total

It was windy…’nuff said.

Wednesday (2-22-17)

  • 3.22 mile tempo run
  • yoga core
  • 1 hour of yoga

Last run before the race.


Thursday (2-23-17)

  • 1 hour cycle class ~12 miles
  • strength training (bench press, dumbbells, abs, legs, etc.)

Friday (2-24-17)

  • walked a total of 5.34 miles

Saturday (2-25-17) 

  • ran 3.16 miles (technically a 5K race)
  • walked 3.29 miles

My Garmin 5K time, which is what I’m going by, was 25:41. This was my first real race since my half marathon in October 2014. After which I had to face the music that I had compartment syndrome. I figured I could hit around 25 minutes and I did. It was my fastest 5K time and mile time (7:46-first mile) in about 3 years. I wore my heart rate monitor and ran an average of 90% of my max heart rate and hit 99% of my max heart rate and the end. I also got a new VO2 max record: 49!

It’s kind of hard for me to think of a 5K as a “real” race. I guess I downplay it my mind because it’s not a half or full marathon. But I tried not to be to hard on myself and downplay it, because it’s a starting point and I’m building miles safely. I was also reminded of an article that I read in 2014 by Lauren Fleshman, 10 Reasons the 5K is Freaking Awesome. That being said 3.1 miles might not be as hard-core for me as distance races are, but for some people it is. People with metal and physical disabilities, people fighting cancer, etc. run 5Ks and up all the time and I think they are as (if not more) inspiring and tough than any other runner out there.

Total running miles: 17.90

All miles: 72.87

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