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R&R Dallas Half Marathon Training: Week 1 (25.84)

The Rock and Roll Dallas Half Marathon has been on my race list since 2014. In 2014 it was too soon after the Cowtown Marathon for me to run it and in 2015 and 2016 I was injured. But this year it’s finally happening! My longest run is only going to be 10 miles. Normally I run 14 mile long runs to prepare me for a half, but this time I’ll be powering through the last 3.1 miles on muscle memory and willpower. I know some other runners who never run long runs of 13.1 miles to train for half marathons and I figure if my longest run for a marathon was 20 miles and then I ran 26.2 on race day, then my 10 mile long run should be no problem.

This week was pretty hectic. Between class, meetings, studying, and the stress of life in general my runs this week were much-needed stress relievers.

Sunday (2-26-17)

  • 8 mile long run

Photo Feb 26, 4 26 44 PM

Monday (2-27-27)

  • cycle class ~14 miles

Tuesday (2-28-17)

  • ran 4.5 miles

Wednesday (3-1-17)

  • ran 6.2 miles

Photo Mar 01, 7 04 48 PM

I was actually supposed to do a track workout, but we had wind gusts around 30 mph all day-so I scratched that plan and ran 6.2 miles instead. I would have run 6 with my original workout, so why 6.2 miles? Because when I was ready to stop I was too close to a 10K to pass it up. 🙂

Thursday (3-2-17)

  • ran 3 miles
  • strength training (bench press, dumbbells, abs, planks, legs, etc.)
  • cycle class ~14 miles

Friday (3-3-17)

  • walked 5 miles

Saturday (3-4-17) 

  • ran 4 miles

Photo Mar 07, 8 58 17 PM

Total running miles: 25.84

All miles: 80.95

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