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R&R Dallas Half Marathon Training: Week 2 (30.12)

Sunday (3-5-17)

  • 9 mile long run

This long run was in the rain. When I first walked outside and saw that it was still raining, I was having doubts about this long run happening. Then I decided suck it up and channel Goldie Hawn from the movie Wildcats (which I had watched the night before). The scene where she outruns all of those football players and then tells them that she ran the Boston Marathon…twice, has always inspired me. Even the song (Show Me How It Works) that is playing during that scene is one of my favorite motivational songs.

So even though it was raining, and I foolishly started with my jacket on even though I KNEW I would get too hot (I had to tie it to my waist after less than 2 miles-fool!), and I almost slipped and busted my ass on some slimy concrete, I made it through… and went and got pancakes and nachos afterwards with my sis. Win, win! 

Monday (3-6-17) 

  • 1 hour of yoga
  • cycle class ~14 miles

Photo Mar 06, 8 02 51 PM


Tuesday (3-7-17)

  • 5 mile run

Photo Mar 07, 8 47 28 PM

Started in the sun and ended in the dark.

Wednesday (3-8-17)

  • 8×400 m with 400 m recovery in between + a few strides at the end
  • ran 6.27 miles total

Photo Mar 08, 11 51 18 AM

I was really happy that I hit consistent times for my on and off intervals. I think the treadmill has been improving my pacing. And all of my runs have had a higher cadence recently, something I have struggled with since compartment syndrome surgery.

Thursday (3-9-17)

  • ran 4.1 miles
  • strength training (bench press, dumbbells, abs, legs, jump squats, etc.)
  • my cycle class was canceled 😦

Friday (3-10-17)

  • 40 minutes of yoga
  • walked 6 miles

Saturday (3-11-17) 

  • ran 5.71 miles
  • walked 4.13 miles

Photo Mar 13, 7 59 12 PM

Okay… Yes, this was a weird mile number to stop on. Especially for me, because I do not like ending on mile number like this. The reason for this was in the middle of the week I was calculating how many miles I was going to end up running and I was ending up with 29.42 miles. I could not pass up the chance to get to 30 miles when I was SO close. Hence the 5.71 mile run on Saturday to get me to 30 miles. That’s what happens when scientists are runners… 😉

Total running miles: 30.12

All miles: 77.54

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