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Rock & Roll Dallas Half Marathon Race Recap

Sunday, 3-19-17

This was my 4th half marathon. It seems weird that I have actually only raced this distance 4 times, because I have run it countless times on my own. My last half marathon was in October 2014 when I was struggling with compartment syndrome. My longest training run for this race was 10 miles one week before the race. Despite this I was not nervous going into the race, I knew my legs and lungs could handle 13.1 miles and I just wanted to have fun and enjoy the race. I think from now on I’m just going to throw time goals out the window and just enjoy the fact that I can run pain-free again. This quote from Kara Goucher (love her!) is so relevant to me:

“Nothing in my life has ever broken my heart the way running has. And yet I cannot breathe without it.”

Now for the race breakdown….

I did not sleep very well the night before, which is typical when I have a test or important event. I tend to wake up every hour during the night and frantically look at the time afraid that my alarm did not go off and that I am late. I woke up at 4:30 am before my alarm (set for 5 am) and went ahead and got up. I had my gear set out the night before to streamline my routine. I headed out at 6 am to the race. Start time was at 8 am, but I wanted to have plenty of driving time and parking time.

Photo Mar 18, 9 12 29 PM

Once I parked, I pinned on my bib and headed off to follow the flow of runners headed to the start corrals. I warmed up, empty my bladder three times, and chilled until the race start. I was in corral 7 (there were 16 total), so I actually started running about 10 minutes after 8 am.

It was crowded pretty much the entire race, with over 8,000 half marathoners in total. I weaved around people a lot in the beginning and inadvertently added some extra distance onto my Garmin, but it was no biggie.

There were some funny signs including:

“1 mile to go! #alternative facts” right after the start.

“If Trump could do it, so can you!”

There were live bands along the course, two cowboys on stilts high-fiving runners, and lots of spectators. One guy in particular I saw three times along the course. His was very loud and encouraging; all of the runners got a hoot out of his comments. One runner went to high-five him, and he said, “Oh shit! I’m not good at high-fiving! Ah, okay here it goes! Ah! Did it! Yes GO runners!” People were laughing and commenting that he must be a fast runner, since we kept seeing him around the course.

The race atmosphere was really great and it kept me distracted from how hot and sunny it was. I sweated a lot and was basically a human salt lick after the race. I ran out of water in my handheld after 10 miles, which was a bummer. There were some tough hills in the race. I had just finished climbing the hardest one around 8 miles in when I ran into an Instagram friend that I have known for 3 years. She was running her 79th half, we ran together and chatting for a bit before going our separate ways.

My legs felt pretty good for most of the race, the hills tired out my quads, but I did not have any pain or blisters. Always a plus! The last mile was across a bridge in the sun and it was a bit of a mental challenge. I just tried to stay focused on putting one foot in front of the other and not the fact that I was thirsty and it was hot.

After I crossed the finish line I promptly downed 16 oz of water. My official race time was 2:12, but my Garmin half time put me at 2:08. I had added and extra 0.37 miles onto my 13.1 mile half. I know my Garmin is accurate, because it is spot on when I run on the track. So it was just the curves of the course and weaving around people that added distance.

Photo Mar 19, 11 58 09 AM

Photo Mar 19, 11 59 01 AM
Not actually my fastest half, just the fastest I have run with the Order of the Fenix. 😉 

Photo Mar 19, 2 00 47 PM

I had a really great race and I am looking forward to running some more half marathons in the very near future. It’s a distance I can easily crank out, but still challenges me at the same time. Plus my love of long runs gets satisfied. 🙂

Photo Mar 19, 11 56 44 AM
The white spots on my arm are salt…

Afterwards, I went home and made vegan chocolate chip pancakes. My tummy was a bit upset after I drank all of that water at the finish, but it settled down by the time I got home. I was glad to get out of my still wet clothes and wash all of the sweat and salt off of me.

Photo Mar 19, 1 16 04 PM

I would totally recommend running a Rock and Roll event. It was a lot of fun and I will be running another one of their races in the future.

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