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Base Building: Week 1 (35.02)

I have not decided what my next race will be, so until then I’m going to focus on building and maintaining a strong(er) running base. This week was my highest mileage week in a very long time. I calculated out my mileage ratio midweek to make sure I had a green light to run the remaining miles that I wanted to. While I managed to round off my running miles to a nice 35 miles, much to my dismay I just discovered that my overall miles ended at… wait for it… 79.99. Blast! So close to 80 miles.

Sunday (3-19-17)

  • Rock and Roll Dallas Half Marathon (see my race recap here)

Monday (3-20-17)

  • 45 minutes of yoga
  • cycle class ~12 miles
  • strength training (dumbbells, abs, push-ups)

Tuesday (3-21-17)

  • 5 mile run

Wednesday (3-22-17)

  • ran 6.22 miles (1 mile warm up, 3×1 mile repeats with 800 m recovery, 1 mile warm down + strides)
  • 4.17 mile walk

Photo Mar 22, 11 47 39 AM

Thursday (3-23-17)

  • strength training (dumbbells, abs, planks, legs)
  • 4.11 mile run

After I had walked all over the place during the day (over 7 miles) I was really tired and did not feel like running or going to cycle class. I ended up just running on the treadmill. I told myself to at least run 3 miles and see how I felt. After I started running I felt less tired and ended with my planned 4 miles. However I scratched cycle off my list. Instead I went home, showered, and fell into bed and slept for 9 hours. Guess I needed the rest because it is rare for me to sleep for over 8 hours.

Friday (3-24-17)

  • stair climbing (129 floors climbed; 0.56 miles)
  • strength training (bench press and free squats)

Saturday (3-25-17)

  • 6.22 mile run
  • 3.32 mile walk

Running miles: 35.02

All miles: 79.99


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