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Base Building: Week 2 (15.18)

Last week I was feeling some twinges that told me it was time for a cutback week. So I cut it back… way on back.

I also ended the month of March with: 116.66 running miles and 333.29 total miles. Whew! March was a busy month.

Step PRs 4-2-17

Sunday (3-26-17)

  • 8 mile run
  • 6 mile walk

Photo Mar 26, 4 08 45 PM

After my run around a lake, Mom joined me for a walk around the lake. It was such a pretty day and part of the trail makes you think that you are deep in a forest somewhere and not in a bustling metropolitan city. I ended up besting my highest step count day with 30,000 steps. 🙂

Monday (3-27-17)

  • cycle class ~14 miles
  • walked 6.24 miles

Tuesday (3-28-18)

  • 4.16 mile run
  • walked 5.38 miles

Wednesday (3-29-17)

  • 1 hour of stair climbing (227 floors; 0.97 miles)
  • strength training (dumbbells)
  • walked 9.18 miles

Thursday (3-30-17)

  • cycle class was canceled so I cycled solo ~14 miles
  • walked 6.91 miles

Friday (3-31-17) 

  • walked 6.18 miles

Saturday (4-1-17)

  • 3 mile run
  • strength training (squats, deadlift, abs, legs, planks, 5 push-ups)
  • walked 8.57 miles

I started a push-up challenge that I found on Pinterest for the month of April. The end goal is 50 regular push-ups–in a row–by the end of the month. Also note that I have not done deadlifts since… hmmm… cross-country… 4 years ago! I’ve always had a hard time getting my form correct, but after I watched a Runner’s World video I decided to give them another go. And oh my gosh, they killed by legs for the next four days. Crikey!

Photo Mar 26, 3 32 04 PM

Running miles: 15.18

All miles: 92.74

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