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Base Building: Week 4 (28.51)

Sunday (4-9-17)

  • 8.01 mile run

Photo Apr 09, 12 22 40 PM

My pace really suffered from the wind and heat during this run. Lucky for me, I had my water bottle with me and by the time I finished it was empty. Usually I still have water left over after a 12 mile run, but after 8 miles it was bone dry.ย 

Monday (4-10-17)

  • cycle class ~13 miles
  • strength training (push-ups, dumbbells, abs)
  • walked 4.7 miles

Tuesday (4-11-17)

  • 5.01 mile run
  • walked 6.81 miles

Photo Apr 11, 9 15 28 PM

I was completely shocked by my pace because I was so tired and this was a very late run for me. Maybe it was all of the green tea I drank throughout the day in an effort to keep myself awake. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wednesday (4-12-17)

  • 3.31 mile run
  • cycle class ~12.5 miles
  • walked 2.56 miles

Thursday (4-13-17)

  • walked 10.29 miles

I ended up switching my usual Thursday run to Friday because I was so tired. By the time I walked to my classes and then went for a walk in the evening I had racked up over 10 miles. So much for being tired.

Friday (4-14-17)

  • 5.16 mile run
  • strength training (squats, deadlift, push-ups)
  • walked 4.68 miles

Saturday (4-15-17)

  • 7.02 mile run
  • walked 4.32 miles
  • rock climbing for about an hour

Photo Apr 15, 8 09 57 PM

My sister and I tried rock climbing for the first time and I was surprised that it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. My forearms got a workout, but not my back-which I was not expecting. I’ve always shied away from climbing because I thought I would not have enough upper body strength. But it really was not hard and I was not sore the next day. So to every woman out there who is intimidated by climbing-try it, you might just surprise yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Total running miles: 28.51

All miles 87.38


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