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Missoula Half Marathon Training: Week 1 (31.17)

Yep! That’s right I’ve got my eyes on the Missoula Half Marathon on July 9th. I’ll be in the area around that time and should be able to swing it. I’m playing it by ear, but Missoula is the goal. 🙂

Sunday (4-23-17)

  • 10.05 mile trail run
  • 4.2 mile walk

I felt like running somewhere new, so the night before I was looking up trails on alltrails.com and stumbled upon North Shore Trail. I liked it! Lots of mountain bikers (and a couple of other runners) were out and about. The trail had a lot of roots and rocks that slowed me down, but it was pretty flat (and dry). I had to occasionally stop for mountain bikers, which was fine. Most of them were friendly and practiced proper trail etiquette.

Photo Apr 23, 3 45 20 PM

Monday (4-24-17)

  • cycle class ~12.5 miles
  • walked 6.36 miles

Tuesday (4-25-17)

  • ran 5.05 miles: 1 mile warm up, 2 miles at tempo, .5 mile recovery, .5 mile hard, 1 warm down
  • strength training (dumbbells, planks)
  • walked 6.82 miles

Wednesday (4-26-17)

  • 5.05 mile run
  • walked 2.54 miles

Photo Apr 26, 12 02 41 PM

Thursday (4-27-17)

  • 6.01 mile run
  • walked 2.47 miles

Photo Apr 27, 2 29 44 PM

Friday (4-28-17)

  • walked 5.51 miles

Saturday (4-29-17)

  • 5.01 mile run
  • strength training (dumbbells, abs, planks, squats, plie squats, etc.)
  • walked 5.35 miles

Total running miles: 31.17

All miles: 76.93

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