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Cowtown C.A.L.F. 15k Race Recap

On September 16th, I raced my first 15k. I’ve never raced a 15k (it seems like an odd distance since it is 9.3 miles), but I did not feel ready for another half and I knew it was going to be a hot day. So instead of driving to Dallas to run a half marathon that was also on the 16th I opted for a slightly shorter run; and I was glad I did.

I estimated I would finish in about an hour and a half, but other than that I was just interested to see how well I would hold my pace at around 9 minute miles.

The race started at 7:00 am. It was still dark out, but the eastern sky was beginning to pinken with the rising sun. I decided to go ahead and wear my sunglasses so that I would have them when it got sunny out (and they help keep bugs and dirt out of my eyes). Unfortunately it was so humid outside that my sunglasses fogged up within the first mile and they stayed that way until about mile 6. That was annoying, but I was glad to have them eventually. 😉

After I settled down to a good pace in the first mile I kept my eyes on a group of runners ahead of me. They were keeping a good pace and I was hoping they would help keep me at a steady pace, but after about 2.5 miles they all started to break up and one-by-one they fell behind. After I passed by them I saw a lady in a gray tank in front of me and I ended up maintaining pace with her the rest of the race. I do not like to tail people; about 50 feet behind them is good for me. That being said 5 miles into the race someone decided to draft/tail off of me for 3-4 miles. It was kind of annoying because I could hear his shoe scuffles. After the turn around point I saw it was a guy who was drafting off me. Shortly after that he passed me and the gray tank lady and I never saw him again. I was glad he was gone….

The last 2 miles where the hardest, because it was getting so warm out. (It was already in the mid-70s when the race started). But unbeknownst to her, gray tank lady helped keep me from slowing down too much. I did not see her at the end of the race or I might have said hello to her. (We had nodded at each other during/after the turn around point.)

Mom was at the finish line taking pictures. 🙂

Photo Sep 16, 7 41 14 PM

I ended up finishing in 1:26:36 (official chip time), which I was pretty happy with. 🙂 I finished 29th out of 111 runner, 12th out of 62 women, and 3rd out of 8 in my age group. It was a small local race and although I do like running larger races (it’s nice to have all of the spectator support), it is nice to run races that are not as crowded once in a while.

Photo Sep 16, 9 33 16 AM

Photo Sep 16, 9 35 11 AM

My recovery time based on heart rate, etc. was 62 hours-dang!


These split times were encouraging for my next half. Here’s hoping for cooler weather then.

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