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Mass Race Recap

Well it has only been nine months since I made a post. Since then I have run two more full marathons, two half marathons, one 20 miler, and a 10k for fun.

Columbia Gorge Half Marathon; October 21, 2018; finish time 1:48:17 

This was a hilly race course, but the fall colors were gorgeous. I would run this half marathon again for fun. Hood River, Oregon was a lovely town and Mom and I enjoyed hiking to waterfalls in the area and walking the little trail from the hotel along the Columbia River. Highly recommend staying at the Best Western and if you have a chance stop by Solstice Pizza. They had the best pizza and we made it vegan. This was my fourth state race; only 46 more states and the District of Columbia to go!

image2 (1)

2018 Run the Parkway; November 4, 2018; 20 miler; finish time 3:03:06 

I used this as a training run for the California International Marathon. I bonked at mile 8 and did not feel very good during this run-just one of those days. Not long after this the Camp Fire burned the town of Paradise, California and smoke filled the air for nearly three weeks. We had hazardous air in Sacramento (sprinkles of ash even fell from the sky sometimes) so I did a lot of treadmill running. I got a pretty bad cold during this time that lasted from a few days before Thanksgiving until after I ran the California International Marathon (yes, I ran it sick).

2018.11.04 Run the Parkway 20 miler

Run to Feed the Hungry 2018; 10k; November 22, 2018; finish time 53:24

I ran this when I was sick. I had already signed up and was determined to just run it for fun. I was worried that the race would be canceled because of hazardous air conditions, but luckily a couple days before the race it rained a little and cleaned the air. The Camp Fire was either 100% contained or nearly completely contained so the smoke stayed away after the rain.

2018.11.22 Run to Feed the Hungry 10k

California International Marathon (CIM) 2018; December 1, 2018; finish time 4:21:40

This was my second slowest marathon time ever (my first marathon-Cowtown 2014 was the slowest 4:45). I started to feel better after Thanksgiving, but a few days before CIM my cold came back with a vengeance. I was coughing pretty badly on race morning and used up all of my cough drops before the race even started. Sorry to anyone near me in line for the bus, on the bus, and packed into the start corral. I sounded like I was coughing up a lung. But I did it anyway. It was hard to get through and frustrating to be running so slow, but I am glad I toughed it out and finished the race. One of my coworkers was spectating the race with some friends and saw me. I heard her call my name and saw her and that gave me a mental boost.

2018.12.01 CIM

LA Marathon; March 24, 2019; finish time 3:51:25

My second time running the LA Marathon, my second fasted marathon time (right behind LA last year), and my fifth full marathon. I was running great the whole training cycle for this race until I switched to some new Superfeet insoles (mine were falling apart) two and a half weeks before the race. I had the same kind of Superfeet insoles (Copper) that I have worn for several years, but for some reason the peroneal tendon in my left foot started hurting. After making sure that I did not have a stress fracture (total maranoia on my part) I decided to rest my foot and do a long bike ride instead of a long run that weekend. Well I ended up having a really stupid bike accident that involved me going too fast around a sharp turn and clipping my bike pedal on the stupid OHV blocking poll that was in the middle of the American River Parkway. It is funny that my first thought was is my bike okay and is my watch okay? My right thigh hit the pole dead-on. I could not make my leg work for several minutes and it hurt so badly that if I had had anything more than two GUs on my stomach I would have puked. Some friendly cyclists stopped and helped me and a group that was going the same direction cycled along with me until I took the split off the trail back to where I parked my car. I was five miles away from my endpoint and I insisted I could cycle back instead of calling for a ride.

So long story short, I toed the line of the LA Marathon with a hurt tendon, a hurt quadricep, and because I continued to run after the bike crash I irritated my right knee (overcompensating from my quad). I never ever take pain medicine of any kind (had to raid my hiking first aid kit to find some expired Asprin the day of the crash), but I took six ibuprofen during the race. With all that, I finished a little over two minutes slower than my fastest marathon time (3:49:41).

2019.03.18 Bike crash
Taken March 18th. I crashed on March 10th. 

2019.03.24 LA Marathon

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon; June 1, 2019; finish time 1:46:52 

I moved from Sacramento to Palm Springs, California at the end of May and decided to run this race for fun when I found out that I would be moving to SoCal. It was a nice cool day and my Garmin actually clocked me with an unofficial PR of 1:45:40 because I hit 13.1 miles before crossing the actual finish line. But it is not official so I will just have to do it again. San Diego is not on my list of nice cities to visit, so I doubt that I will be visiting again anytime soon. I will take the LA area–especially Beverly Hills and Venture–any day.

Next up is the Long Beach Marathon on October 13th. I better not get sick or injured for this one! 


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