Welcome to Running Vegan.

I’m Kayla and I have been vegetarian since August 2009 and vegan since January 2013. Following a vegan lifestyle is something I believe in and am passionate about. I consider myself an ethical, plant-based, and environmental vegan. In other words, I love animals, care about the environment, and I’m not a junk food vegan. 😉 I am a Wildlife Biologist and currently live in Southern California. I enjoy being out in the field surveying and monitoring birds, mammals, and reptiles.

I began running in December 2012. I have raced eight half marathons and seven full marathons and I plan on racing more distance events in the future. I have a long goal list of running events including, but not limited to, the Boston Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, the NYC Marathon, and the Gold Coast Marathon. When I am not running, I love hiking and bagging peaks (check out my hiking page above), road cycling, reading, painting, and photography.


  • 1 mile: 6:47 (2013-track time trial)
  • 2 miles: 14:05 (2013-track time trial)
  • 5K: 22:39 (2013-cross country meet)
  • 10K: 48:44 (2018-Urban Cow Half Marathon)
  • Half marathon: 1:46:13 (2018-Urban Cow Half Marathon)
  • Marathon: 3:42:36 (2019-Long Beach Marathon)
  • Most miles cycled at one time: 41.66 miles (2019)
  • Max weight squatted: 135 pounds (2017)
  • Max weight bench pressed: 55 pounds (2020)

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